AndrAIa (notascreensaver) wrote,

It's about crashing time.

There's a bit of a brouhaha going down at the PO this cycle. Seems a certain Game sprite and renegade Guardian are finally making things all legit.

Matrix tugs irritably at his dress shirt for the umpteenth time, and AndrAIa moves to correct it. "Tell me again why we're doing this?" he growls, rolling his eyes at his almost-wife's fussing.

The Game sprite's reply is carefully neutral and patient, as if she's reminding herself of the answer as well. "Because we both love your sister very much."

He scowls. "But... she took Gun away."

"And you'll get Gun back afterward."

"I feel naked," her almost-husband whines again, and he gets a lecherous sort of grin in reply.

"No, that's later."
Tags: bob, dot matrix, enzo matrix, matrix, mouse, wedding
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